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Joint Replacement Center (JRC)

The Joint Replacement Center (JRC) Provides Expert Care for Hip and Knee Arthritis and Surgery

The staff of the JRC (Joint Replacement Center) at VSAS Orthopaedics is dedicated to providing the most up to date and comprehensive care for patients with advanced hip and knee arthritis. The orthopedic surgeons of the JRC each had an additional year of sub-speciality training in the field of Hip and Knee Replacement and Revision Surgery. These fellowships were performed in Philadelphia at Thomas Jefferson University and Pennsylvania Hospitals. This has enabled the surgeons to become experts in the field of joint replacements. The JRC has been designed to educate and guide patients throughout the process of evaluation, pre-operative preparation, operative intervention, rehabilitation and long term surveillance care of their joint replacements.

The surgeons of the JRC have been specially trained in the field of minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgery. This enables the patient to have an accelerated rehabilitation process and facilitates an earlier return to work and regular activities. There are some limitations secondary to deformity, size and instability but all patients are considered for the implementation of these techniques.

Dr. Lebby and Dr. Ververeli have been utilizing the Gender Knee Replacement since its recent availability. This knee implant system provides three additional refinements of the current same sized components. These changes include narrower medial to lateral dimension, thinner anterior aspect and increased alignment for knee cap motion. The combination of these three aspects improve potential solutions to this unique anatomy, which is much more common in women.

At the JRC, we offer the latest in joint replacement technology to improve the wear and fixation of hip and knee replacements. This includes the incorporation of alternative bearing implants such as highly cross-linked polyethylene, metal on metal hip replacements and other such advances.

We provide a dedicated orthopedic research center at the JRC. This helps follow clinical outcomes after joint replacement to constantly monitor and improve the techniques of joint replacement surgery. Through the research protocols at the JRC we are able to offer our patients the newest techniques, therapies and rehabilitation strategies for their conditions.

Our surgical team is also specially trained in the field of hip and knee revision surgery. This helps facilitate the reconstruction of a loose or unstable existing joint replacement. Patients are evaluated for the correct diagnosis and feasibility of operative vs. non-operative management of their condition.

An additional service provided at the JRC is the visco-supplementation knee injection clinic for Hyalgan, Synvisc or other related medications. Patients are scheduled for three to five weekly injections. This helps provide prompt reliable care for the ten minute appointment knee injection protocol. Patient's may resume their normal activities following their injection, but are asked to refrain from any strenuous tasks for the remainder of the day.

We participate in most major insurance plans. If you have painful hip or knee arthritis, don't wait; visit The Joint Replacement Center of VSAS for expert care in the field of hip and knee replacements.

A profile of Dr. Ververeli is available on the Lehigh Valley Health Network Site.

Gender Knee Replacement

We are the only surgeons in Allentown and Bethlehem who have the experience to offer this solution to our patients. Find out more at the genderknee.com site.